Now that you've finished your ruby on rails app, wouldn't you like to know the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to get it out on the web and let other people use it?

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“I finished my first application and I would like to put it up online.”

It has taken weeks, maybe months to develop your shiny new web application. You have become a master in mixing data with code and markup to build an incredible experience for your users.

Now you find yourself in an uncharted territory. Mixing operations with software development, you need to come up to speed with new concepts which will have great impact on your ability to serve your users.

“Servers, deployments ... What should I do next?”

I have been asking that same questions myself many times. The answers were hidden in an endless list of blog posts, books, articles and painful trial and errors while deploying applications.

You don't need to do the same. With "Get Production Ready" you will learn how to structure your application to make it simpler to install on the server in a robust way. You'll read how to provision your server and automate its setup, how to handle deployments and much more:

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Who's writing this?

Luca Mearelli, a full stack freelance developer and dev-op. I've been helping companies build and run their businesses online for many years and I've even had my own online SaaS for a while.